Blood Orange Brownies


Number Of Servings: 8

1 package Ghirardelli double or triple chocolate brownie mix
1/3 C of The Olive Bin's Blood Orange Olive Oil (Fused)
1/4 C water for double chocolate mix, 1/3 C water for triple chocolate mix
1 egg


  1. This is the simpliest (and tastiest!) recipe; simply follow the brownie mix directions on the back of the box, but use Blood Orange Olive Oil in place of vegetable oil. 

Additional Info

Our friend (and brownie pro), Mary Haskell, suggests that for completely perfect brownies you should line an 8x8 pan with non-stick foil, allowing it to hang over the sides. Add one egg to your mixing bowl and whisk thoroughly for several minutes. Add 1/3 C oil to the egg and whisk thoroughly for several minutes to form emulsion (she says that her measure is usually just a tad above the 1/3 C line.) Add 1/4 C water, add to emulsion, whisk in completely. Add brownie mix little at a time, whisking with a fork as you add. Bake for the least amount of time on the box (for fudgy brownies) as the brownies will continue to cook a bit when removed from the oven.

You can enjoy these brownies freshly made or freeze them (freezing them can allow a stronger blood orange flavor to develop as well!) 


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